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The 2nd International Conference On Science (ICOS) is a conference organized by Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Hasanuddin University, Indonesia in cooperation with Indonesian Mathematical Society Sulawesi region (IndoMS), Indonesian Physical Society (HFI), Indonesian Association of Geophysicists (HAGI) and Indonesian Biology Consortium (KOBI) . It is a three-year conference activity of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science, started three years back on 19th – 20th of November 2014.

The 2nd ICOS will be held in Hasanuddin University, Makassar (Capital city of South Sulawesi Province), on 2nd – 3rd of November 2017, with the main theme “Science for Sustainable Development and Better Quality of Life”. It is aimed to bring together scholars, researchers and experts from diverse backgrounds and applications areas. Special emphasis is placed on promoting interaction between the theoretical, experimental, and case studies, so that a high level exchange in new and emerging areas within Physics, bioscience, computational science and mathematics in science and technology.


More information can be found at : http://icos.sci.unhas.ac.id

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Being the center of excellence in the development of basic science and its application based on Indonesian maritime continent (BMI) at the national level and recognized internationally in 2030.


  • Implement basic education of natural science with the support of mathematics, which is based on faith and devotion to human welfare and environmental protection
  • Implement education to produce graduates who have the capacity, character and competence of science, intellect and adaptive and creative learners.
  • Implement research natural science of basic mathematical support and applying the results through empowerment of the community to utilize a sustainable resources and the environmental conservation