Hasanuddin University has established Quality Assurance Assessment Centre located at the Institute for Research and Development of Education (LKPP) under the Vice Rector of Academic Coordination tasked among others to monitor and evaluate the learning process Student-Centered-Learning (SCL). In cooperation with the Academic Quality Control unit level faculty and study program monitoring throughout the semester and the results are reported to the Rector at the end of each semester. Instrument for monitoring and evaluation of the learning process of SCL format is determined by the Rector’s decision No. 56 / H4 / PP / 2011.
To implement the Quality Declaration by the Rector of UNHAS, the leadership of FMNS provides encouragement and motivation to the study program in improving the quality of the document, instrument for monitoring and applying it in the learning process. Monitoring the implementation of learning level in Sudy Program reported to the faculty every week for the next faculty continue the monitoring results to the level of the Rector. Monitoring the implementation of the FMNS learning environment include: Presence of students and faculty in learning, adherence to GBRP, recording tasks and accuracy of reporting student learning outcomes value carried by the head of department / study program using monitoring format courses. Monitoring reports periodically the implementation of the learning is done manually and delivered weekly to the Vice-Rector of UNHAS. In addition, monitoring is also done online via the management information system (MIS) Unhas.
Activity and progress of student learning is evaluated as planned in GBRP conducted in the form of test, written test / oral, execution of independent tasks / groups and observation by a team of lecturers-related subjects. Lecturers are entitled to give value are those that organize learning design at least 80%. Likewise, students are entitled to the value of the learning outcomes are those who have followed the learning process at least 80%. Based on the format of monitoring and evaluation of the learning process has been done, it can be believed that it had done a good learning activity that is transparent, akuntabilatas, fairness in the learning process.
Toward the middle or end of the semester, the faculty leadership through his deputy Dean circulate a questionnaire by the secretariat of the Department to students and lecturer to get feedback learning process that is being implemented.