Information Technology

Development of Information and Communication Technology Systems is very important to be able to provide quality information, accurate, timely, targeted and relevant to the decision-making at all levels of management Faculty of Hasanuddin University. For that, (1) network in the Science Faculty of Hasanuddin should be continuously improved and developed so that data can be captured at the source and the information can be immediately accessible online so as to support the presentation of data and timely information; (2) the ability, skill and dedication of the staff in the information technology needs to be improved so that they can work more productively, loyal, efficient and effective; and (3) the culture of computers and computer networks need to be grown in FMIPA so that every student, academic and administrative staff looked at the information system as a system requirement information in the Science Faculty of Hasanuddin University is supported by the network for internet access which can be either fixed-line and wireless. With is back by equipment Unhas modern and sophisticated, so that the data processing system can be performed with a computer over a local network (LAN) and wide area networks (WAN) team is responsible for handling the information system network has been formed and tasked to take care of the hardware and also update information in MIPA website.

Information systems development in the long term increase in speed of access and increased utilization for the sake of learning and data base systems. Efforts to improve the system and service information at this time was to proceed in order to follow up the results of the workshop has been done Univrsitas Hasanuddin with meibatkan entire chairman Prodi, heads of unit and the team of quality assurance, to launch a unified information system in the University-based database and PDPT ( Data bases Universities).

Faculty management information system is part of the Management Information System Unhas mememanfaatkan Management Information System (MIS) Unhas (http://sim.unhas.ac.id), while for the process of online learning (distance learning) utilizing the Learning Management System (LMS) UNHAS (http://lms.unhas.ac.id).

In SIM has provided some facilities / features that will be publicly accessible from both inside and outside the Unhas campus. The facility meant can be explained as follows:

  • Academic Portal: The portal is used by students and faculty in the process of learning of each semester
    Benefits: Facilitate lecturers and students in the interaction without having to meet for example in the management of Study Plan Card (KRS), study progress of each student can be monitored at any time, academic data is available and can be accessed anytime and anywhere we are.
  • Academic Information: This feature is an administration program, the Her-Registration Administration at BAA and for academic administration at the Faculty.
    Benefits: The whole unit is used in a campus environment to implement the processes of KRS, guardianship, print transcripts, KHS and class divisions
  • Financial Information: Information System Financial Management Programme and Non-SPP SPP in the Finance Bureau.
    Benefits: To be able to know how many students are still active / inactive and not executing Her-Register and find out the number of students in the process leave / pass / resign.
  • Asset Information: Provides data asest Unhas online that can be accessed by the academic community Unhas that needs it.
    Benefits: To know the development of asset-unit unite within the scope of UNHAS.
  • Human Resource Information:  Systems personnel information
    Benefits: To determine the number of employees, working period, status, class, promotion and salary increases periodically.

The utilization in the information system is to help provide data on students’ academic from the beginning of the term to accurately graduated, so it is expected to take the right decision for graduation as well as for the development of institutions such as the development of human resources.