Lecture room

For reasonableness sufficiency aspects of infrastructure provision basically have very standards, to ensure the implementation of the learning process at all study programs in Faculty of Hasanuddin visible presence of the facilities as follows.

  • Lecture and meeting rooms with the amount in accordance with requirements contained in the Faculty of Hasanuddin, with pengggunaan settings centrally on the Academic Faculty of Hasanuddin morning at 07:30 to 17:00. Classrooms adequately sized and equipped with equipment such as LCD for smooth learning activities for all students and faculty FMIPA Unhas PPs.
  • With the amount of office space and spacious enough to include equipment for the smooth managers in organizing learning activities.
  • Libraries are centrally managed by the Technical Implementation Unit (UPT) Hasanuddin University Library. Total floor area is 226.80 m2 for the library which is also available spaces to read. With a sufficient number of academic staff including librarians, support personnel hygiene, the comfort and cleanliness of the library is guaranteed. And coupled with a library FMIPA Unhas which has an area of 50 m2 in which there are various collections of books in 2750, 35 national and international journals as well as the results of student research FMIPA Unhas.
No Room Number of Room Size Room (m2)
1 Kuliah 11 726
2 Laboratorium 46 3059
3 Serbaguna 1 177
4 Dosen 44 687
5 Administrasi 29 407
6 Perpustakaan 3 12
7 Mushallah 2 86
8 Gudang 5 225
9 KM/WC 13 546
10 Selasar/Koridor 9 486
11 Tangga 8 144